Students’ self-government is the animator and organizer of life at the College. The student representatives take a stand in matters related to College development and the allocation of scholarships.

Financial support
The system of scholarships provides a variety of means of financial support available to the Students. Those with the lowest incomes can apply for social scholarships whereas those with the highest achievements can be rewarded for their high grade average. Last year over five hundred College Students took advantage of these scholarships. This year the subsidies dedicated for student support exceeded PLN 1.6 m (over EUR 400,000).

Student life
The focal points of student life are provided by regular cultural events, such as the Academic Concert of International Songs, organized by the College, and by academic societies. They enable the College students to develop their own interests and to gather priceless experience.
The same purpose is served by a range of various optional courses the College offers to its Students. They can develop their knowledge and skills attending workshops (such as script writing, an actor’s workshop or a photographic one), subject courses and supplementary lectures.

International Cooperation
It is one of the fundamental objectives of the College to establish extensive international cooperation. At present three projects are running at PCML:
The Erasmus Program
The most popular form of studying abroad is student exchange under the Erasmus program. Under the program the Students can complete from one to two semesters at a foreign higher education institution. A number of our Students have taken advantage of this opportunity. They tend to choose the following institutions most often:
• Universität Kassel (Germany)
• Pädagogische Hochschule Ludwigsburg (Germany)
• Institute of Technology Tallaght (Dublin, Irleland)
• Universidad de Córdoba (Spain)
• Universidad de Murcia (Spain)
• Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha (Ciudad Real, Spain)
• Universidad de Almeria (Spain)
• Universidad de Leon (Spain)
• Universidad de Huelva (Spain)
• Universidad de Vigo (Spain)
• Universidad de La Rioja (Spain)
• Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, Spain)